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Vegas™ Pro 12 is an integrated, forward-thinking production environment designed for a new generation of creative professionals. Combining a familiar track-based timeline with hundreds of thoughtful workflow innovations, Vegas Pro 12 is a refreshing, modern approach to post-production. Supporting more formats, more workflows, and more creative control than ever before, Vegas Pro 12 makes it easy to deliver your message and express your artistic vision.


Innovative editing tools
Edit SD, HD, 2K and 4K material in 2D or stereoscopic 3D, with drag-and-drop functionality or traditional 3-point and 4-point editing modes. The Vegas Pro 12 interface provides an impressive array innovative tools and thoughtful touches, with a fully customizable workspace for accomplishing a wide range of production tasks. Nest Vegas Pro projects within the timeline, customize and save keyboard commands, and use application scripting to automate repetitive tasks. The new Expanded Edit Mode temporarily splits the track at the edit point and enables you to dynamically add or remove frames from either side of the edit point while the media is playing, creating a highly precise, interactive editing experience.

Powerful effect and compositing engine
Combine up to 32 high-quality, keyframeable effects per Effects Chain and apply them at the Event, Track, Media, or Project level. Vegas Pro 12 uses an advanced plug-in architecture based on the OpenFX standard, for hundreds of optional effects from leading visual effects plug-in VFX developers. Parent-Child tracks and sophisticated 2D and 3D compositing modes provide a powerful, flexible effects environment. Shape Masking tools and FX Masking capabilities are new for Vegas Pro 12, along with the Color Match plug-in, to quickly match the color characteristics from one clip to another.

Project interchange
Import and export a wide range of project files to and from Vegas Pro 12.
And more...
Video Editing - New General Features:
· Expanded Edit Mode
· User Interface Enhancements
· Project Media Updates
· Project Media Tagging
· Vegas Explorer Redesign
· Timeline Editing and Trimming Enhancements
· Edit Properties for Multiple Video Files
· Vertical Docking Windows
· Auto-Prompt to Match Project to Media

Video Editing - New Effects, Graphics, Text Generation and Color Correction:
· Shape Masking Tools
· FX Masking
· Color Match
· LAB Adjust Plug-in and L*a*b* Color Space Histogram
· OpenFX Enhancements
· Layer Dimensionality Video FX and Compositor
· Auto Re-Name Titles & Text Based on Content
· Credit Roll Generator Improvements

New Audio Editing Features:
· 64-bit Audio Plug-in aupport
· Preview Audio via Video Preview Device
· Project Interchange with Avid Pro Tools

Editing and Workflow Features:
· Sync Link feature for keeping events aligned with the main story line
· Improved NVIDIA 3D Vision support
· Enhanced Render As dialog
· Improved ProType Titler tool

Format I/O and Hardware Support:
· Panasonic P2 Support
· HDCAM SR (SStP) Mastering
· Blu-ray rendering support with MainConcept AVC plug-in
· Support for AVCHD 2.0 Standard
· Support Metadata Orientation Information for Still Image Formats
· GPU Acceleration for 'Titles & Text' Plug-in
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