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TwonkyMedia - our DLNA Certified media server - enables you to share all your multimedia with standard UPnP-enabled client devices throughout your home.

TwonkyMedia is available though our online shop for Windows XP, Macintosh and Linux. It also comes pre-installed on several network attached storage devices. This gives you the option to share your content without using a PC or having your PC online all the time.

Whether you are an end user or a device manufacturer, we have the right license model for you.

Device manufacturers may:
bundle TwonkyMedia with UPnP-enabled media players,
pre-install TwonkyMedia in embedded devices like personal video recorders (PVRs), network attached storage devicesN(AS), home gateways or routers.

Main characteristics of the media server

TwonkyMedia requires fewer resources and is faster than other UPnP media servers, but still provides more features that help the user to enjoy large media collections. If you care about usability, TwonkyMedia is the right choice for you.

Easy to setup
Support for major media formats
Convenient navigation on large media collections
Very fast response time
Multiple language support
Highly customizable (including navigation structure)
Easy handling of thousands of media items
Internet radio
Interfaces to third party applications like iTunes, Winamp, Adobe Photoshop Album
Search actions allow you to easily find a specific piece of content (depending on client support)
Supports a large variety of UPnP streaming clients (see our device compatibility list)
Integrated client adaptation layer to support special media player capabilities
Available for all operating systems and embedded devices like NAS, STBs and PVRs*
Small footprint and low memory consumption
Stable code base deployed in various products and tested at UPnP and DLNA plugfests
o added "Nokia Home Music" to clients.db
o On language change a database rebuild is no longer necessary
o Added mobile view to selectable views
o Renamed "simple default navigation" to "classic media navigation"
o Renamed "advanced default navigation" to "advanced media navigation"
o INI file can now accept mobile and folder view as default setting

Bug Fixes
-fixed: LPCM files are not working on PS3
-fixed: Duplicate content is displayed on enabling Aggregation.
-fixed: Reposition forward and backward is not working in case of WMA file on NETGEAR MP101
-fixed: Toshiba REGZA TV Cannot Play Any JPEG Contents except for JPEG_SM
-fixed: Thumnail view for gif files are not displayed while pulling the content from the server using WDTV live
-fixed: Sony Bravia Photos : Update 'protocolinfo' for JPEG_TN content.
-fixed: Json feed has broken links and thumbnails for online items
-fixed: Cleanup of navigation tree does not always work as expected
-fixed: Manual Rescan not working when scantime set to '0'
-fixed: Thumbnail view of JPEG files are not available on Samsung TV
-fixed: Pause/Resume is not working on Regza
-fixed: TwonkyServer reduces the resolution of some photos displayed on Denon receivers
-fixed: TwonkyServer can handle only 128 simultaneous CreateObject actions, which turned out to be too little
-fixed: Failure to find embedded albumart for a MP3 file with id3 v2.4.0 metadata (v2.3.0 works)
-fixed: Improve subtitle support for Samsung TVs
-fixed: Content name is not displayed properly if we use underscore in Wav files.
-fixed: Failure to send albumart for a MP3 file with embedded BMP
-fixed: Send default album art as fallback if embedded or external album art can not be sent
-fixed: Maxitems configuration property is ignored in some setups
-fixed: Add support for embedded albumart in MP3 files using id3 v2.4.0 metadata
-fixed: Pause/Resume is not working on Regza
-fixed: Several problems with duplicate detection
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