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Only TurboTax offers Free Personalized Advice from an
experienced Tax Professional. Your Maximum Refund. The offer ends May 4th 2012.
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TurboTax Standard is the best tax software for you if your return will include donations, medical expenses, RRSPs or even tuition - and if you want to optimize deductions between spouses & family members.

What's new:
Audit Risk Alert: See what tax claims may trigger a CRA audit prior to filing your return.


TurboTax Accurately Guides You Step-By-Step To Your Maximum Refund. Guaranteed.

We Find the Deductions. You Get Back Every Penny You Deserve.

TurboTax Helps Optimize Your RRSP Contributions.

urboTax Handles Changes in Your Life.

Carry Forward Last Year's Tax Data. (Including UFile® or H&R Block® Desktop Software.)

Choose the Automated Way to Do Your Taxes.

Reduce Your Taxes by Splitting Pension Income with Your Partner.

TurboTax Reviews Your Return Before You File.
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