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The Bat is an e-mail application that supports multiple POP3 accounts, multithreading, MIME and UUencode standards, multimedia, APOP authorization, and PGP. You also will find a fast and comfortable message editor with text highlighting, as well as a mail dispatcher for managing messages on servers. English, Russian, German, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Italian, Lithuanian, and Romanian interfaces are built in, as is a multilingual spelling checker.

The application's other features include automatic dial-up networking (configurable for multiple accounts) and the option to include a photo with each address-book entry. There also are enhancements, such as message coloring, flagging, advanced filtering, speed improvements, and virus protection.

The Bat!’s benefits are:

Protection of privacy
The Bat!’s characteristic feature is the most widespread support of authentication protocols and of encryption while working with mail servers. The Bat! is one of the most protected mail clients, it is adopted by many companies for which privacy protection is a matter of life and death.

Anti-virus defense
The other side of safety is protection against malicious codes. Unlike other email applications, The Bat! does not start scripts automatically. The Bat! benefits of its own HTML viewing mechanism – Robin HTML Viewer, as well as of its own image viewing module.

Handy Message Templates
In addition to the signatures, The Bat! allows to create the message templates that are using special macros.

Quick Templates
In the message editor, Quick Templates will save you hours of typing.

Message Parking
Message parking is designed to prevent accidental deletion of a valuable message.

Built-In Backup and Restore
You can make backups of all the configuration settings, address books and folders, and restore such information from the backup file in case of accidental data loss.
· Internal HTML viewer cannot correctly display messages in Japanese charset
· Some IMAP servers (g.g. Zimbra) could not tolerate the ID command to be sent simultaneously with Login
· Edition Type (Home/Professional) wasn't displayed in the about box.
· Fixes for Mail Dispatcher list/header view size and list font
· When a sub-set of folders was restored and those folders didn't exist already, they were created under the account's Inbox folder
· Highlighting of the iecm:// protocol in URLs
· Not all Google contacts are imported in address book
· Changed Character Sets (XLAT) ware not stored (Options > Preferences > Other options)
· When editing character set "Translation FROM Windows" cannot be saved (Options > Preferences > Other options > Character Sets (XLAT))
· when an HTML message was loaded for editing, viewer options were used
· Photo of the recepient is shown (if available) for messages in the Sent and Outbox folder
· Inline images for HTML formatted messages were not shown if system HTML was used
· Fixed "Error reading xtSigners.Options: Invalid property value" when verifying S/MIME messages
· Cosmetic fixes at The Bat! Preferences (Html Viewer)
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