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SQL Assistant equips database developers and DBAs with the productivity tools they need to speed up the database development process, improve code quality and accuracy. SQL Assistant can boost your SQL coding productivity by 300%.

SQL Assistant integrates with many widely used database editors and database management and development environments including native tools that come with your database systems. It provides assistance with code typing, automatic word completion and database object and attributes completion and browsing. It provides functions for quick entry of common SQL constructs and code snippets. It also provides integrated and fully interactive SQL code assistance system for instant help with SQL command syntax and options available in specific database versions, real-time code syntax checker, spell checker and a number of other vital coding tools.

SQL Assistant is fast and can be used with both very small and very large database systems. It is also very flexible and can be easily customized by users to match their coding habits.

Key Features and Benefits

* Doubles SQL developer productivity
* Improves code quality and accuracy
* Provides advanced SQL code intellisense features, including support for databases, objects, parameters, script variables, syntax elements and much more...
* Provides interactive SQL reference and SQL code assistance systems
* Provides advanced SQL code formatters and beautifiers; SQL syntax validation, code structure views for fast code navigation, and more...
* Provides integrated real-time code syntax and spell checker
* Supports 8 major database systems: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase ASE, Sybase ASA, MS Access, and their SQL dialects
* Integrates with many SQL and non-SQL editors
* Fast and has small disk and memory footprint
* Can be easily installed without interrupting any existing processes and used immediately
· Bulk SQL code generator, with ready to use templates for generating CRUD procedures.
· Easy Excel data export / import to and from database.
· Hierarchical and flat XML data export / import (Experimental feature).
· Improved SQL Intellisense – automatic and suggested corrections for misspelled keywords, names, parameters, etc…
· Improved SQL Intellisense – suggestions for code generating code snippets.
· New set of add-ons for SQL Server Management Studio 2005, 2008, 2012 for SQL Assistant integration with the Database Object Explorer.
· Updated Visual Studio 2010 add-ons extending support to VS2010 Ultimate Edition
· Referential integrity rules checking added to dependencies analyzer and smart database refactoring methods.
· Multi-server multi-database Code search
· Multi-server multi-database Data search.
· Mouse-over hints for schema and database names with statistical info and action links.
· Support for MDX windows and queries in SQL Server Management Studio.
· Auto-bookmarks (visual bookmarks with screenshots) from specially formatted script comments..
· Enhancements in macro-script parameters processing, new options for getting updatable columns and key based columns..
· Auto-highlighting performance costliest operations and steps in Query Execution Plans. .
· DDL code reverse-engineering now supports object and column based comments.
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