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Today, every website requires you to set up a username and password. With RoboForm, you remember one password and RoboForm does the rest. RoboForm automatically memorizes and securely stores your online and offline passwords so you never need to remember or type your passwords again. You'll enjoy easy, one-click logins to your online accounts and save time by completing online registration and checkout forms with one click. RoboForm gives your passwords and other personal data complete security (256 bit encryption), portability, and complete manageability. Passwords can be printed, synchronized between computers, backed up, and restored. With all new RoboForm 7 comes Chrome and Safari browser support, iPhone/iPad and Android support, as well a new RoboForm Everywhere license for use on unlimited computers and mobile devices. RoboForm is easy to use and has been named PC Magazine's Editor's Choice, CNET's "Best Software of the Year," PC World's "25 Products We Can't Live Without" and enjoys over 100 Five Star Ratings.

Remember Passwords, Auto Login
Fill Forms with 1 click
Strong AES Encryption
Unlimited Logins Limited to 10
Priority Phone and email support
Multiple Profiles Included
Free Minor Updates
Free Major Upgrades
Automatic Synchronization
(Online Account Required)
Support for Mobile Devices
· Sync: sync Most Recently Used and Most Popular passcard lists between computers.
· Sync: if only MRU and MostPop has changed, do a delayed sync (by 15 min) for them.
· Sync: fix automatic sync request breaks the already running sync.
· Sync: Add User actions and Sync actions to log created by Analyze.
· Firefox: fix RF Toolbar disappears after used once in Firefox when Firebug is present.
· Firefox: RoboForm toolbar always disappears when restarting FF 13.
· Firefox: fix Login/Goto command may not work sometimes right after browser start.
· Firefox: fix RF search history list in Firefox 13 does not work.
· Firefox Basic Auth: fix Roboform window closes in Firefox after HTTP AUTH bug.
· Firefox, Chrome, Opera: show grey version of Logoff icon in RF toolbar.
· Chrome: fix Popup Toolbar disappears after appearing if keyboard focus was in address bar.
· Chrome: use manifest ver 2, not ver 1.
· Chrome: Fix the icon shown on RF button in Chrome toolbar does not reflect status of RF.
· Chrome, Popup Toolbar: fix popup toolbar window is not closed sometimes.
· Chrome, Firefox: fix problems related to https://banking.bankofscotland.de login.
· Chrome: fix GoFill cycling sometimes.
· Opera 12: make RoboForm work in Opera 12.
· Opera: make RF popup toolbar work in Opera too (was in Chrome only).
· Opera 12, Chrome: do not set their windows as owner of RF windows.
· Opera: use XML parser, so that we can install into user-changed XML.
· Win32: do not attach to Adobe AIR windows, nothing to fill there.
· Win32: fix RF Win32 toolbar does not appear sometimes on a new window with form.
· Win32: fix RF toolbar does not appear for popup dialogs shown by a privileged process.
· Win32: fix RF toolbar can not fill Win32 window of a privileged process.
· Editor: add the 'Skype to' button for the phone and Skye ID fields.
· Fix Login Tip window of a tab stays visible after switching to another tab.
· Add Show Login Tip command into the passcard menu after Fill command;
· Fix when saving SearchCard existing SearchCards are not shown.
· Search Box (standalone): fix all safenote commands in drop-up search options list do not work.
· Fix RF sometimes did not warn about Sensitive fields and Duplicated fields.
· Do not pin/unpin plain-text passcards in Most Popular list.
· AutoFill: check that a page URL matches given passcard/identity, to prevent phishing.
· AutoSave bar: make Enter key work properly.
· Fix RoboForm2Go forgets proxy settings.
· Fix OpenSaveFile dialog locks selected folder so it can not be renamed or deleted.
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