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ratDVD takes a full featured DVD movie and puts it into a highly compressed .ratDVD container format file of about 1.x GB in size - while preserving all the features of the original DVD, such as the navigation menus, audio and video streams, subtitles, extra content, and much more!
You can directly play back the .ratDVD file in Windows Media Player or any other compatible player - with all the options the original DVD movie would give you. Just by double clicking without the hassle of having to handle different files or the need to use special programs.

Full anamorphic picture, 16:9, 4:3, Pan/Scan, WideScreen, Lettorbox based on original DVD video content.
Support for full seamless branching
Up to 9 multiple video angles and 8 audio tracks
Up to 32 sub-pictures not limited to text (e.g. animated anecdotes)
Keep movie versions (Directors Cut, Theatrical version, etc.), Alternate story endings, making of, visual commentary , cut scenes, animated anecdotes, etc...
Constant Quality and Constant Average Bitrate transcoding modes
Keep or remove multiple audio channels in any format
Transcode any AC-3 5.1 audio channel without deterioration loss to AC-3 VS
Fully working original DVD menus, title navigation, quick seeking and bonus features
Optimal removal of titles while keeping the DVD navigation structure functional
IMDB connected XML tagging scheme with automatic search for title, actors, directors, plot and DVD cover
High speed analyze mode with detailed information about DVD content for size prediction
Optional, anonymous sharing of DVD analyze results
Playback in wide variety of media centers and players
Reliable high quality ZIP based, check-summed container
Display of tagging information in windows explorer
Available in more than 25 languages
Can be fully automated with command line options
MediaPlayer now supports ratDVD files in the video media library
MediaPlayer now supports direct convert and burn of ratDVD files
Added convert/burn option in navigation menu of standard direct show players
Added "/burn" command line option
Added support for ShowCommand in StartupInfo when started from another process
Added movie name recognition into ISO import plug-in
Added translation support for playback navigation menu
Updated danish translation
Updated codecs for higher performance


Fix for Media Player seeking issue
Fix for starting playback quickly after ending playback issue
Fix for stop/restart problem in Media Player
Fix for some Subtitle/Audio display/selection issues in navigation menu during playback
Fix for a problem that a DVD to ratDVD profile could have consequences when converting ratDVD to DVD
Fix for access violation during repeated starting and stopping of preview in converter
Fix for some playback errors
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