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Process Lasso is NOT yet another task manager. It is a process priority optimization, CPU affinity optimization, and system automation utility. Priority optimization, affinity optimization, core optimization, automated rules, automated power schemes, you name it and Process Lasso has it. Although most consider Lasso the ultimate process priority optimizer, it does so much more!

Power Profile Automation
Energy Saver power saver and battery life extender
Run at High Performance all the time, but drop back to Balanced when you go idle
Run at Balanced all the time, but drop back to Power Saver when you go idle to save battery power
Take your pick. Combined with Application Power Profiles, Process Classification, and more, Process lasso fully automates your Power needs!
Application Power Profiles - Switch power profiles each time given process(es) are running
Prevent Sleep option (list) sets processes that should disallow the PC and display from sleeping when they are running

Gaming / Multimedia
Gaming Mode to auto-optimize for game processes, when they are running
Multimedia Mode to auto-optimize for media processes, when they are running

Stand-alone core engine that can run as a system service
Unique System Responsiveness metric with over a decade of real-world use and testing
Ready for multiple users
Need to disable CPU Core Parking? Check this Bitsum freeware until it becomes part of Process Lasso
Optional password protection on configuration
Minimal resource use and totally optional GUI that goes into a sleep-mode when minimized to the tray
Logging of all actions taken, or all started processes
Unattended / silent installation
Granular settings to disable features you do not want
Unlike many apps that will takeover your whole PC, Process Lasso makes no system setting modifications, does not inject inself into other processes, or make many changes at all
Well tested on all supported platforms
Automated updates
So much more...
· Added horizontal per-process % memory load graph to active processes (private bytes for NT6+, commit size otherwise)
· Addition GUI Added support for optional grid lines toggle for main process view
· Addition Docs Added preliminary documentation for Watchdog Rules syntax in configuration file
· Fix GUI Improved appearance of per-core metrics
· Fix GUI Fixed Watchdog Configuration dialog memory metric may not be cleared when unused for the rule while using UP/DOWN (has no functional impact)
· Fix GUI Fixed GUI recovery system trying to relaunch governor before system shutdown is complete under some rare scenarios where the difference in notification of shutdown between the governor and GUI exceeds a certain time
· Fix GUI Fixed several Watchdog Configuration dialog malfunctions
· Fix GUI Fixed Watchdog Configuration UP/DOWN buttons that started malfuntioning due to a recent change that also broke other things in this dialog
· Fix GUI Watchdog dialog would not properly add I/O priority settings
· Fix GUI Fix watchdog dialog leaving names of processes in edit box after an add operation
· Fix GUI Fix improper rendering when memory load graph is hidden under some circumstances
· Fix Core Fix to 'notify' watchdog rule
· Change All Renames watchdog rules configuration value to 'Watchdog Rules'
· Change All Removed extended sanity checks from beta builds
· Change Dumps Improved debugging subsystem
· Change All Some optimizations to shared code between all of Process Lasso
· Change GUI Force some metric for 'notify' watchdog events (reversion of a prior change)
· hange GUI Improvements to Watchdog configuration dialog
· Change GUI Increased what it takes to get on the Active Processes list a little
· Change GUI Increased responsive time of governor watch thread, in the case of system shutdowns
· Change Italian Updated
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