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pdfFactory is a PDF creation software that can make personalized PDF documents.

pdfFactory Pro - All of the features of pdfFactory plus:

Create PDFs on letterhead.
Add page numbering, headers, footers, watermarks.
Bookmark each job automatically.

Table of Contents - navigate complex documents using text attributes.
Convert to grayscale.
PDF/A archiving.

Integrated Jobs Tab: Shows all jobs and allows you to rearrange them.
Custom Drivers for specific tasks.
Text highlight, copy and redact.

Graphic copy, delete, save.
Convert text to links.

pdfFactory Pro Release Notes
Version 4.50 – June 21, 2011

(Pro only) Added text notes
(Pro only) Added bitmap paste
(Pro only) Added text paste
(Pro only) Added signature and initial functions.
· you can now rearrange your printed content using the Snapshot tool. Choose the Snapshot tool on the toolbar, click and drag to select a rectangle, then drag the selected area anywhere you like. You can also right-click on the selected area and select Cut (Ctrl-X), Copy (Ctrl-C), Delete (Del), or Redact. Areas that you move or copy in this manner are scalable; they can be made larger or smaller while still maintaining the quality of the original printed output.
· added a “Restore original size” command to the context menu for bitmap notes. This allows a previously resized bitmap note to be returned to its original dimensions.
· added Italian language version
· bug fixes
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