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MySQL Workbench is a next-generation visual database design application that can be used to efficiently design, manage and document database schemata.


* Syntax highlighting and code folding, supported is the full set of reserved words for MySQL.
* Single and Multi Statement Execution, including detailed execution log and query history. More than one connection at a time can be established and used.
* Embedded resultsets, with a splittable view to allow for optimal work area.
* Dynamic Error Parsing while typing, not only for correct identifier syntax but also full MySQL syntax.
* Convenience features, which simply make life easier. This includes quick zoom-in and -out for large text (use Cmd + scroll wheel, ctrl + wheel for non-Mac platforms), loading and saving from/to files, collapsible editor parts (query and result set area).
Functionality Added or Changed:
· Updated the bundled MySQL Utilities to version 1.1.0, which includes the new mysqluc console.
· Added native migration support for PostgreSQL and Sybase ASE.

Bugs Fixed:
· After right-clicking on a non-empty field in the SQL editor, and choosing Copy Row Content, pasting the row into an empty row (by right-clicking and choosing Paste Row) would not increment the row id when it was appropriate to do so. (Bug #14587186, Bug #66668)
· When a table from Microsoft SQL Server was migrated to MySQL, TEXT columns were mapped to VARCHAR(16). They are now mapped to LONGTEXT because Microsoft SQL Server TEXT columns have a maximum length of 2^31 - 1. (Bug #14556732, Bug #66584)
· The MySQL Workbench Data Export feature would fail to recognize tables that contained accented characters in the table's name. (Bug #14504342, Bug #66421)
· The object browser would not update the column order after a table was altered. (Bug #14495629, Bug #66232)
· On Mac OS X systems with the Retina display, the mouse cursor would register incorrect mouse coordinates. (Bug #14396939, Bug #65607)
· Entering the caret ("^") character inside the SQL editor, followed by any other character, could cause MySQL Workbench to hang. This was a Scintilla bug that is now fixed. (Bug #13930994, Bug #64848)
· After choosing Alter Table, pressing Apply would cause MySQL Workbench to display "Preparing..." in the output panel, but it now displays "No changes detected." (Bug #13497239, Bug #63604)
· When synchronizing a model to a database after changing a field definition from NOT NULL DEFAULT x to NULL DEFAULT NULL, the model synchronization would correctly generate the SQL. But after executing this SQL and resynchronizing, MySQL Workbench
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