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The IVM Voicemail System can be used to create an effective voice mail solution from a single line after hours answering machine to a 64 line corporate message system.

IVM is also a telephone answering machine, call attendant, info-line and interactive voice response (ivr) program. You will find many exciting ways to use IVM to provide information, serve your customers and save time.

Typical Applications

Voicemail (from a single answering message to hundreds of voice mailboxes).
In-coming caller ID logger or display.
Call attendant (using the menu call transfer features) to transfer and direct calls.

Telephone information lines or AudioText type systems.
Automated telephone order taking.
Automated telephone surveys (using the number entry features linked to a database).

Credit card telephone account payment.
Dial in computer control or information (eg. Dial in to test security alarm or to restart server).
Many more telephone related applications.


Multiple telephone line support (1 - 64 lines simultaneously).
Unlimited voice mail boxes (each with own email forward, internet access page or remote access).
Call key select menus and ability for caller to enter numbers (data entry).

Unlimited (selectable) out-going messages and menus.
Fully programmable setup with examples and free plugins available for typical applications.
Can automatically link to other programs with plugins.

Call transfer (subject to your phone company or PBX features).
Remote Access (listen to messages by dialing-in) including toll-saver.
Call simulator is included so you can test your systems off-line.

Extended message play on key press including support for wav, mp3 and a number of other formats.
Text-to-Speech voice synthesis as an alternative to recording or importing wav or mp3 files.

Ability to open files or run other software to process data or report information.
Outbound call system.
None available for this version
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