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Giraffic is based on an advanced, patented technology which turns your end users into valuable resources through the enrichment of their own user experience. The core of the solution is a new streaming technology that can retrieve data from multiple sources simultaneously, without latency, at a fraction the cost of existing content delivery solutions.


* FEC Based Encoding - Redundancy and High Availability are integrated into the data itself, eliminating reliance on replication/caching of content on the network.
* Pro-Active Seeding - Pro-actively pre-pupulates content in the network, and enables P2P delivery of nieche, "long-tail" content, not just the popular stuff.
* Asynchronous Coded Multi-Source Streaming - breaktrough streaming technology which can obtain data in randum order from dozens and hundreds of sources simultaneously and assemble meia on-the-fly in asynchronous order.
* Automatic Data Healing - Provisioning of Content and Self-Healing of Data across the network. As end-user computers or media devices go offline, Giraffic automatically monitors the network and creates more sources, on the fly, for every piece of content.
* Automatic Adaptation to Extremely Popular Content so that when a content item becomes popular, Giraffic's management system automatically caches it on a large number of users' devices making it immediately available to new users.
* Cross-Platform and Very Low Footprint - installable on PCs, set-top-boxes and mobile devices (on our roadmap).
* Considerate and non-disruptive within a user's environment. Giraffic consumes resources mainly when a user's PC or device is idle.
* Comprehensive Management, Control and Reporting - Enabling a real-time view of network performance as well as aggregate statistics on user consumption behavior, network efficiency, content distribution and more.
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