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Advanced PDF Editor - Full Function PDF Editor

Image and Object Editing - Perform image and object editing in fine detail. Modify color, width, size and other graphic and image properties.
Scanned Document Editing - Edit the contents of a PDF document that you scanned in to a PDF.
Advanced PDF, Editing Tools - Utilize tools like eraser, cut out, brush, lasso, and more.
Manually Import Fonts - Import the fonts into PDF files when you need.
Change Page Layout Properties - Modify page size or content size.
Add Shading to Objects - Make your objects look spectacular.
Convert Text to Path - Turns text into an object, which is helpful when editing text when you don’t have the font on your system.
Open and Edit .ai Files - No need to purchase other expensive software.
Full Function PDF Editing - Insert new pages or delete old pages, insert new text with embedded or non-embedded fonts, insert lines, add filled or non-filled rectangles or ellipses, and insert images and graphics.
Floating Panes - Customize your workspace by floating and moving the Bookmark Panel and Property Panel to any ideal position of the page.
Rulers and Grids - Provides horizontal and vertical rulers and grids to help users align and position objects precisely on the page, as well as measure the dimensions of the shapes. The Snap to Grid function automatically positions text and other objects to the closest intersection of the grids as you place or move them on the page.
Easier PDF Text Setting Actions - Set the attributes of the text in the PDF by using “Add new text objects” dialog box directly, including font, color, size, horizontal scale, line gap, and more.
Email and Phone Support - Help when you need it.
What's New in This Release:

· Fixed a crash issue which occurs when closing any palette of the five image toolbars within the Image Editor window, or closing the "Select Shading Style" box in the Shading Editor window.
· Fixed a crash which might occur while dragging Property List.
· Fixed a crash issue when ESC/Enter or close the tool box is selected after dragging it out from toolbar.
· Fixed a possible crash issue while performing a text using Search Toolbar.
· Fixed the inability to select or edit certain fonts. •Fixed a display problem while dragging Foxit PDF Editor between multiple monitors.
· Fixed a document save issue to edited document originally created by FreePDF XP.
· Fixed an issue where some pages exported from certain PDF files have ovrlarge sizes.
· Eliminated erroneous messages when exporting certain PDF files.
· Fixed a refresh issue while zooming out on some certain PDF files.
· Fixed a preview display problem when exporting pages from some certain PDF files.
· Fixed a problem with cursor display ...
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