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'Use CyberLink PowerBackup to:
Archive files, folders and application data
Include or exclude files with advanced filtering
Schedule automatic backups of important data
Restore data using the independent restorer utility
Save archiving time with Stream-to-Disc technology
Protect archives with password protection

Powerful Data Archiving
Three backup methods full, differential, and incremental is available to perfectly suit all your needs. Full is a complete backup of all files. Differential mode archives only new or changed files. Incremental mode archives new files created since the last backup.

Important Windows Application Data Archiving
Select vital Windows application data to archive:
Windows Internet Explorer versions 5, 5.5, 6 (Favorites & Cookies)
Microsoft Outlook Express versions 5, 5.5, 6 (Mail Folders, Settings and Address Book)
Microsoft Outlook versions 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003 (Mail, Settings)
Fast Stream-to-Disc Archiving
A streaming burning technology that let's you compress data and streams directly to disc, saving precious archiving time and hard disc buffer space throughout the process

Flexible Storage
Fit Any Location by Splitting Volumes
Split archives across two or more destinations in order to fit the available destination space. Options include Auto, DVD, CD, and a user-defined storage size.
Vast Storage Media Support
Delivers incredible flexibility in archiving to major storage media, including Jazz and Zip drives, flash memory cards, hard drives, CDs, and DVDs, including 8.5 GB double-layer discs.
Data Compression Maximizes Storage
Ensure maximizing use of storage media and burning time by providing a choice for archiving huge volumes of files into the smallest possible space. Three flexible options are: no compression (fastest), quick compression, and maximum compression (slowest).
Application-specific backup features:
· PowerBackup 2 automatically lists the supported applications and lets you back up application-specific files without searching your computer to find them. Now you can back up OutlookOutlook Express emails, Internet Explorer's Favorites, and also files in Windows Address Book.

Enhanced file filters:
· PowerBackup 2 includes different file filtering methods for more advanced file backup. Using file type groups allows you to select a file type (for example, image files) instead of selecting a long list of different image file types individually. You can also use the include or exclude filters. The include option allows you to include only the file types you select in the backup task. Similarly, the exclude option allows you to exclude selected file types from the backup. (You can further select registered file types or custom file types to your filter options.)
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