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Brothersoft Updater is a free application designed to help you update your software more easily and more timely. It is very necessary for you to keep your software up-to-date which will avoid potential attack resulted from software bugs and secure your computer. Brothersoft Updater provides you with accurate update information to your installed software and also offers safe download links to update your programs with no effort.

Brothersoft Updater is based on the big software collection database of Brothersoft.com, so that you won’t miss any important software update any more. It will scan all your installed software, notify you how many software can be updated, list them out and you can decide which to update in an intuitive way.

1.Easily keep track of your installed software, never miss essential updates, and notice even earlier than the notification from the program itself
2.Update with latest patches, fix compatible bugs and program vulnerabilities, make your software more stable
3.Update with new features and functions to have better performance

1.Regularly and automatically notifications of available software updates
2.Useful software information of the new updates is provided
3.Scan thoroughly and fast, absolutely accurate and up-to-date version detected
4.Shareware updates will be alerted before updating
5.Fast, secure, spy-ware free software update downloads
6.No personal information will be collected and leaked.
7.Flexible program settings, highly customizable
8.Free, small, easy-to-use and well-designed interface, low memory consumption, effective
9.Giveaway (coming soon)
Improved: Website redesign with more information and better layout
Improved: Pop-up notification window
Improved: Updated essential software database
Improved: Scan speed accelerated
Improved: Added comment box to share your opinions
Improved: Better icon display on website
Fixed: Some minor issues with UI and function
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